Control your documents

Import data from Excel, CSV, HTML with file or web links. Copy/Paste links and files to Spiky and immediately access their content via the preview.

Merge Table

Spiky integrates a complete Table Merge Tool, for easily merging Excel/CSV tables.

Keep your history

The full history of each cell is automatically saved inside your Spiky document. Browse, copy or restore old values!

Store your documents in cells

Our mind is trained to organize data in a table with pertinent categories rather than folder. Mix file and data in organized rows. Color the lines according to their status. Immediately find your documents using sort and search.

Save time in organizing your files

No need to name each folder: Spiky automatically generates a folder associated to each table row. The name of this folder can be generated automatically from the cell data, using a naming scheme. Simply drop your file, and this file is stored in a folder having the right name.

Why naming it Spiky ?

In reference to the cactus of Gaston, a passionate genius in time-saving gadgets, allowing him to find instantly any document.

And there is so much more...

Spiky is packed with an incredible number of features and innovations which will allow you to focus on your tasks:

  • Unlimited Undo
  • Dark Mode
  • Version Browser
  • Preview of files and links
  • Full history of each cell content
  • Import/Export to Excel and CSV file
  • Non destructive formating of text in Number, Date, Links
  • Line comment: A special ubiquitous access to line comments from any cell
  • Table management: row/column edition and formating

How will you use Spiky?

If you have a large project involving many documents, or if you need to match data with files, Spiky is for you. Spiky is versatile in order to adapt to the needs of each of us:

Incredibly powerful Table Merge Tool

Merging two tables is a complex operation, requiring a careful control.

Spiky offers a 3 view tool: Imported / Before / After with synchronized selection among these 3 view to perfectly control the merge. Beyond the classical Column Matching capability allowing to define the set of columns which identify each rows, Spiky advanced algorithms allow to manage conflicts occurring when 2 rows have the same identifiers and is capable of inserting new lines at their most logical place.

Each cell is colored depending on its operation. By applying a non-destructive formatting on the cells, the merge tool can compare accurately the original text values, while the main table is displaying values which are converted into number/date/links and formatted.

And by relying on its unique knowledge of each cell history, it can provide advanced merge option where merging depends on the cell history. And after the merge, you can check the history of each cell which keeps track of the successive values. You have full control: unlimited Undo can save your day and allows you to revert your changes and restart your merge in case of need.

Try it, Use it, Love it. This merging tool is a real game changer!

Directory Naming Scheme

Define the name of each directory from the content of the cell: in the example below, columns are renamed with the Date and the Invoice Number column content.

Cell History

Each time a cell value is changed, Spiky stores its history for you.

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Spiky includes a free trial period of 7 days: Size this opportunity to explore its features

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